How We Heal

In order to heal damage done to Blood, you need medical attention from someone with the Doctor skill.

First aid is needed within 1 minute whenever your character hits 0 Blood.

  • Successful first aid will stop the character from dying but will not restore any Blood.
  • Critical success will restore 1 Blood to the character.
  • Failure will not kill the character, but will not help her/him either. Another attempt may be made by a different character with the Doctor skill, as long as it is done within the time limit.
  • Critical failure will kill the character instantly.

To restore (more) Blood, the character needs medical treatment that extends over a longer period of time. You may regain 1 Blood for every 8 hours of successful treatment you receive. The Doctor skill is rolled once for each 8 hour period. Failure yields no results.

In certain situations it may be beneficial to restore more Blood quicker. A character with the Doctor skill may attempt to perform surgery to restore 2 Blood. This takes 2 hours of active surgery for the doctor and 6 hours of rest and recuperation for the patient.

  • Any success will restore 2 Blood in the allotted time.
  • Critical success will restore 3 Blood in the allotted time.
  • Failure will restore nothing but still uses up all the allotted time.
  • Critical failure on a patient with 1+ Blood will bring the patient down to 0 Blood (but he/she will be stable; not dying).
  • Critical failure on a patient with 0 Blood will kill the patient outright within the two hours of active surgery.
  • Surgery may not be attempted on victims suffering from radiation, poisoning, or illness.

To recover from radiation, poison, or illness the character needs medication and rest under the supervision of a character or NPC with the Doctor skill. This cannot be rushed, and takes 8 hours per 1 Blood restored.

In cases of radiation, poisoning, or illness, the character cannot recover Sweat in the normal way, but recovers 1 Sweat every time he/she recovers 1 Blood. As soon as all Blood is restored to the character, he/she will start recovering Sweat normally.