How We Roll

In RATS we use eight-sided dice, abbreviated to d8.

When you want to use a skill to accomplish something, you do as follows:

  • Pick up a d8 for your appropriate Stat
  • Pick up a differently coloured d8 for your appropriate Skill
  • Even if you have no ranks in a Skill, you may roll to see if your Stat die succeeds (and to see if you get all 1’s – see below)
  • Roll them both and compare the Stat and Skill to their corresponding dice


  • If both dice rolled under both Stat and Skill, you succeeded spectacularly.
  • If the Skill die rolled under your Skill but the Stat die rolled over your Stat, you succeeded aptly.
  • If the Stat die rolled under your Stat but the Skill die rolled over you Skill, you succeeded barely.
  • If both dice rolled over your Stat and Skill, you failed the roll and must face the consequences.

Critical results:

  • If both dice ended up showing 1s you succeeded critically and accomplished more than you could hope for (this means you also succeed spectacularly even if you have no ranks in the Skill you are attempting to use).
  • If both dice ended up showing 8s you failed critically and everything goes horribly wrong.

Sometimes your roll will be contested by another roll from a non-player character or another player character.

  • Any successes trump any failures.
  • Apt successes trump bare successes.
  • Normal failures trump critical failures (neither part really succeeds, but the critical failure means that character is worse off).
  • Critical successes trump all other successes.
  • Critical failure means that the opponent succeeds even if his roll did not (the exception would be if both failed critically – in that case the passive/defender wins).
  • Should any ties occur, the passive/defender wins.

Whenever you roll the dice you have to remember to first calculate your effective goal numbers. You may have a skill of 5, but you may also suffer conditions that penalize your Skill whenever appropriate – that may reduce your Skill to 4 or less. Or you may have favourable conditions that increase your skill in certain circumstances – that may increase your skill to 6 or more. Make sure you have your numbers ready before you roll.

The GM may tell you what kind of success you need in order to beat the challenge. This will only happen in extreme situations where the odds really are against you.