In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was a sharp and painful light. That is why humanity crept underground into the tunnels and caverns and catacombs they had previously built for other purposes. Since then, they have been living in the semi darkness. Deadly rays of sunlight still penetrate grates and cracks in the ceilings of the upper levels, burning whoever is foolish enough to touch the beautiful, dazzling light. Monstrous animals lurk in the murky waters of the sewers. Poisonous fungi fill whole caverns with deadly spores. Automatic trains still race furiously through abandoned subway tunnels. There are machines with never ending power supplies, running since times long past.

War and pollution have poisoned the earth, the air, and the water. Radiation still causes mutation. What little life is left is marked by catastrophe. No one quite knows what has happened and what to do now – the only thing left is survival.

So what really happened?

Well, that’s sort of up to you. The players and the GM. You make your own stories. RATS only gives you something to grab onto for the ride.

You decide.