Doctor Malakyan

Also called merely "The Doctor", Erwin Malakyan is a self-educated scientist and artificer — and one of the ticking dead of Clocktown. He does not hold any official power in Clocktown, but everyone looks to him for advice, which seemingly does not suit him at all, since he constantly turns away those who come to him.

Some say this is a ploy, because if you try hard enough he will advice you. You just have to try hard enough… And no one knows what his criteria will be next time.

Dr. Malakyan is a medium tall ticking dead with a black plastic half mask covering the upper part of his head, leaving his lower chin visible. His mouth is dried up, the lips pulled back to show his teeth in a constant grin. His right arm and leg are mechanical. He is normally dressed in a dirty lab coat and wearing black rubber gloves.

The King

The King is the undisputed ruler of the Kingdom and Kingstown. While few have actually met the King, it seems just about everyone can tell a story about him.

Most stories congregate around the King's appearance as that of a middle aged, dark skinned man, about 180 centimetres tall. His hair is dreadlocked, greying at the temples, and he sports a beard in some form or another. Stories claim his eyes change colour from black to yellow every once in awhile.

Rumour most often has him dressed in flat shoes, shin length trousers, a shirt that was once white, a red vest covered in redder stains, and a long, tattered, brown leather coat with wide cuffs and a high collar. Around his neck is a necklace made from small, sharp teeth, hanging beside a big silver cross, and in his right ear is a large, golden hoop. All this is hearsay, but based on the most common among the stories.

What is more certain is that the King is utterly insane.

The King sometimes assumes "ownership" of one or more of his subjects and they are invited into the castle in Kingstown. Those who emerge, may emerge after a week or more than a year, but what they have in common is that they are broken; bewildered, uncapable of coherent speech, prone to fits of laughter or rage, and often with strange scars, burns, and markings on their bodies.

Once a year the King goes off and disappears for months, returning with another fox tooth added to his necklace as proof that representatives of the Fox truly exist, and that he's in regular contact with it.

The King is said to be immortal, a rumour which is supported by the fact that he's been around and in power for longer than a normal lifespan. Word has it that he has died twice, though — once he was brought back to life by rats, the other time by fish.

The biggest actual demonstration of the King's sourcerous powers was when he once caused an enormous earthquake that toppled several smaller towns in what is now the Kingdom. At the same time he called water sources into the realm that weren't there before.

The Matron

No one knows whether the Matron ever carried another name. She certainly does not respond to any other name.

Tall and stocky and bulging with muscle, the Matron does not exactly encompass the feminine. She is normally dressed in a tunic made from rat skins that is short enough to show off her powerful thighs. Around the neck she wears a weathered fur collar in a yellowish colour flecked with black. No one is sure what animal once existed in those colours, but she claims it is the fur of a great Cat. She carries on her back a vicious looking serrated blade, along with a short, but heavy iron club in her belt.

The Matron is merciless, but will always give a person the right to fight her (or one of her lieutenants) over a dispute — any dispute. If they win, they won the dispute — if they lose, they die.


The Historians' Guild

These individuals are dedicated to collecting information and documentation on history both ancient and more recent. They are especially interested in the Surface Times and what could have happened to the Surface back then — and how one can fix it.

Archaeologists from the guild frequently go out exploring. Not everyone comes back.

The Sisterhood

As a fellowship, the Sisterhood consists entirely of women who have a fascination for the dead. They will offer themselves up as willing vessels for telepanimi, seeking the thrill of having their bodies overtaken and made to do things they may otherwise never experience.

Needless to say, members of the sisterhood are seen as a mite crazy, or at least disturbed. Many members therefore keep their memberships secret. That is also the reason why the do not have a designated place of congregation, though they have been known to gather on occasion. So called "Sisters" learn to recognize each other based on subtle signs conveyed in make-up, clothing, hairstyle, or accessories.


Trappers aren't a common group per se. They rarely stick together more than four or five at a time, but mostly always live on the outskirts of a town or dwelling. What they do is make and place traps to catch food.

Also, for trappers as a collective — food means humans.

Trappers equal cannibals, at least when they live like rendered above. There are trapmakers that will never harm a sentient being, but they are not referred to as "trappers", but "trapmakers", and they live less isolated. Sometimes there's a thin line for those whose family or friends have become victims of trappers, and even the trapmakers with the best reputations sometimes become victims of misplaced revenge.