Blood, Sweat and Tears

Your character has three pools of points to spend on different things.


Blood is your Fish and your Bird scores put together. These are your life points. When you’re out of Blood, you’re out of life.

As soon as you hit 0 Blood, you are helpless and dying. You automatically lose all physical die rolls, and your Sweat also hits 0. You need medical aid within 1 minute. If you do not get it, you are dead. In that case, have a talk with your GM and start planning for another character.

You lose Blood in several ways:

  • By getting injured.
  • From some types of poisons and diseases.
  • From radiation.
  • From exposure to direct sunlight.

Medical treatments from someone with the Doctor skill will give you back 1 Blood per 8 hours of restful treatment.

If you are a telepanimus, you have no Blood. If you are a ticking corpse, your Blood equals your Fish score times two instead of your Fish and Bird scores put together, and you use your Blood instead of your Sweat to fuel actions.


Sweat is your Fish and your Rat scores put together. These are your endurance points. When you’re out of Sweat, you’re out of energy.

As soon as you hit 0 Sweat, you are exhausted and need to rest for at least 10 minutes (you can have 1 Sweat back after 10 minutes of rest, but you need more rest to get back more points). Until you have regained at least 1 Sweat, you will automatically fail all physical rolls. Resting for 8 uninterrupted hours will recharge all of your Sweat points.

In cases of radiation, poisoning, or illness, the character cannot recover Sweat in the normal way, but recovers 1 Sweat every time he/she recovers 1 Blood. As soon as all Blood is restored to the character, he/she will start recovering Sweat normally.

You lose Sweat in a few different ways:

  • By spending it to fuel actions: spending 1 Sweat gives +1 to a physical skill roll.
  • You lose 1 Sweat for each failed physical skill roll and for each round in combat.
  • You also lose 1 Sweat per hour after the 18th hour you go without sleep.
  • By losing all your Blood.
  • By suffering from radiation, poison, or illness.

If you are a ticking corpse, you have no Sweat – you substitute Blood points for Sweat points when fuelling actions. If you are a telepanimus, you have no Sweat.


Tears are your Bird and your Fox scores put together. These are your emotional endurance points. When you’re out of Tears, you’re mentally and emotionally exhausted.

When you hit 0 Tears, you automatically fail all social and mental dice rolls. You need to withdraw and be by yourself for at least 1 uninterrupted hour, by the end of which you regain 1 Tear. For each additional uninterrupted hour you spend by yourself or in the peaceful company of close friends, you regain 1 additional Tear.

Also, if a friend spends 10 minutes and 1 Tear to comfort you, you regain 1 Tear. The friend comforting you cannot be the cause of recent Tear loss – then the comforting will not work. Your homunculus can fill this function if you are playing an arche.

You lose Tears in two ways:

  • By spending them to fuel Snake actions and do Sourcery.
  • By losing social conflicts or failing social or mental dice rolls.