The Arts: Skills

There is a selection of Skills to represent what your character is trained to do. Each Skill is quite broad and covers a different area according to what Stat it is paired with. Some Skills overlap each other in certain areas.

Any skills not listed here can be invented when the need arises. Skills should be broad and many-faceted.

Each rank in a skill costs 2 character points.

  • Artisan – the art of building useful stuff.
  • Artist – the art of… well, art.
  • Athlete – the art of physical endeavour.
  • Deceiver – the art of keeping secrets and leading people on.
  • Doctor – the art of putting people back together.
  • Escapist – the art of getting away.
  • Fighter – the art of combat.
  • Historian – the art of knowing about times long gone.
  • Hunter – the art of hunting prey.
  • Investigator – the art of puzzling out mysteries of the living and the dead.
  • Leader – the art of inspiring others to do as they’re told.
  • Memorator – the art of collecting and storing memories from the dead.
  • Mentalist – the art of knowing the minds of others.
  • Pathfinder – the art of not getting lost.
  • Scavenger – the art of finding what you need when you need it.
  • Sneak – the art of concealing yourself and other things.
  • Spy – the art of observing events from the shadows.
  • Swimmer – the art of surviving a swim through the sewery, less-than-healthy waters of the Underworld.