The Animals: Stats

Stats range from 1 to 7 and indicate how much raw talent your character possesses in each of these four areas. Each Stat is quite broad and covers an oddly shaped range of innate capacity.

Each rank in a stat costs 4 character points. The maximum number of ranks is 7 unless your character type is arche.

The Rat

The Rat represents agility and vigor. It is your way around, beneath, and through your obstacles.

The Fox

The Fox represents cunning and awareness. It is your way of observing and figuring out.

The Fish

The Fish represents strength and endurance. It is your physical force, your wear and tear.

The Bird

The Bird represents vision and leadership. It is your courage, your willpower, your way with others.

The Snake

(Available only to arches, Sourcerers, and telepanimi.)

The Snake represents your contact with the World Serpent, the Source Of Everything. It is your contact with forces most people cannot comprehend.